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Hutch 0.8.0 Is Released


Hutch 0.8.0 is released to

This release introduces several minor new features.

Changes Between 0.7.0 and 0.8.0

Uncaught Exceptions Result in Rejected Messages

Uncaught exceptions in consumers now result in Hutch rejecting messages (deliveries) using basic.nack. This way they are dead lettered.

Contributed by Garrett Johnson.

Missing Require

hutch/consumer.rb no longer fails to load with the apps that do not require "set".

Contributed by Garrett Johnson.

Relaxed Queue Namespace Validation

Namespaces now can include any characters that are valid in RabbitMQ queue names.

Contributed by Garrett Johnson.

basic.qos Configuration

It is now possible to configure basic.qos (aka channel prefetch) setting used by Hutch using the :channel_prefetch config key.

Passwords No Longer Logged

Hutch now elides passwords from logs.

Full Changelog

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

About the Author

Michael on behalf of the Hutch maintainers Team.