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Bunny 1.0.0 Is Released


Bunny 1.0.0 is released to

This is the 1.0.0 GA release, a major milestone for Bunny. It is 100% backwards compatible with 0.10.x.

Finally 1.0.0

Bunny is not a new library. Started in early 2009 by Chris Duncan, it was full of limitations for a few years. However, it also was the easiest Ruby client to use and did not have some inherent limitations of amqp gem.

In 2012 and 2013, Bunny pretty much rewritten from scratch for the 0.9.0 release to address the limitation, as well as redesign it for the multicore CPUs age. In addition, documentation guides were ported from amqp gem. Dozens refinement releases and a few RCs later, it is in a good shape to go 1.0.

Since 0.9.0 shipped, Bunn has being adopted by many commercial users and fairly mature open source projects, such as Hutch.

If you are new to Bunny, take a look at the documentation. Then join rabbitmq-discuss and Ruby RabbitMQ clients mailing list.

We hope you will enjoy using Bunny!

Changes between Bunny 1.0.0.rc2 and 1.0.0

Authentication Failure Notification Support

Bunny::AuthenticationFailureError is a new auth failure exception that subclasses Bunny::PossibleAuthenticationFailureError for backwards compatibility.

As such, Bunny::PossibleAuthenticationFailureError’s error message has changed.

This extension is available in RabbitMQ 3.2+.


Bunny::Session#exchange_exists? is a new predicate that makes it easier to check if a exchange exists.

It uses a one-off channel and exchange.declare with passive set to true under the hood.


Bunny::Session#queue_exists? is a new predicate that makes it easier to check if a queue exists.

It uses a one-off channel and queue.declare with passive set to true under the hood.

Inline TLS Certificates and Keys

It is now possible to provide inline client certificate and private key (as strings) instead of filesystem paths. The options are the same:

  • :tls which, when set to true, will set SSL context up and switch to TLS port (5671)
  • :tls_cert which now can be a client certificate (public key) in PEM format
  • :tls_key which now can be a client key (private key) in PEM format
  • :tls_ca_certificates which is an array of string paths to CA certificates in PEM format

For example:

conn =                   => true,
                 :tls_cert              => ENV["TLS_CERTIFICATE"],
                 :tls_key               => ENV["TLS_PRIVATE_KEY"],
                 :tls_ca_certificates   => ["./examples/tls/cacert.pem"])

Changes between Bunny 1.0.0.rc1 and 1.0.0.rc2

Ruby 1.8.7 Compatibility Fixes

Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility fixes around timeouts.

Changes between Bunny 1.0.0.pre6 and 1.0.0.rc1

amq-protocol Update

Minimum amq-protocol version is now 1.8.0 which includes a bug fix for messages exactly 128 Kb in size.

Add timeout Bunny::ConsumerWorkPool#join

Bunny::ConsumerWorkPool#join now accepts an optional timeout argument.

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