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Amqp Gem 1.0 Is Released

Give a programmer a ship and you excite him for a day. Teach him how to ship and you excite him for a lifetime.

– Lao Tzu


amqp gem 1.0.0 is released to The library is almost 5 years old, has undergone a major refactoring in 0.8.x and evolves like a mature project. It’s time to release 1.0.

This release is 100% backwards compatible with 0.9.x and includes no changes visible to library users.

It’s Time For 1.0

In the last year-and-a-half or so, amqp gem has been evolving like a mature project for a while now. What does that mean? A couple of things:

  • Things don’t change often.
  • Most issues only affect a small % of users and almost always can be classified as edge cases, minor usability issues or Heisenbugs specific to certain systems.

In July 2013, amqp gem will turn 5 years old. It’s a pretty significant age for a library. In these years amqp gem has undergone a major rework in 2010-2011, got pretty solid documentation guides written and has been pretty well battle tested by small and large companies.

It’s only natural to release 1.0.0 instead of bumping 0.9.x patch levels until we reach 0.9.99.

Change log

1.0.0 is based on the master branch which is completely backwards compatible with 0.9.x but removes some long deprecated API elements. In other words, if you are running the most recent 0.9.x release, there is no change log :)

So go ahead and upgrade to 1.0. It’s in better shape than ever before and passed the test of time.

The Future

Does it mean that the work on them gem is done? No, definitely not. RabbitMQ gets new features, people suggest usability improvements and Heisenbugs are discovered by large users every so often.

So you can be sure that amqp gem and its documentation will continue evolving. To keep up-to-date with future releases, join our mailing list, RabbitMQ mailing list and follow @rubyamqp on Twitter.

Supported Ruby Versions

amqp gem 1.0 supports a range of Ruby versions and implementations:

  • CRuby 2.0
  • CRuby 1.9.3
  • CRuby 1.9.2
  • Rubinius 2.0 in both modes
  • JRuby 1.6+ in both modes
  • CRuby 1.8.7, REE

Supported RabbitMQ Versions

amqp gem 1.0 requires RabbitMQ 2.0 or later. 3.x releases are always recommended. Running a recent Erlang/OTP release is also a good idea.


If you are looking for a Ruby RabbitMQ client and amqp gem does not fit your bill, take a look at

Michael on behalf of the Ruby RabbitMQ Clients Team