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Bunny 0.9.0.pre8 Is Released


Bunny 0.9.0.pre8 is released to

This release has bug fixes and (very) minor features. It is 100% backwards compatible.

Changes between Bunny 0.9.0.pre7 and 0.9.0.pre8

Stability Improvements

Several stability improvements in the network layer, connection error handling, and concurrency hazards.

Automatic Connection Recovery Can Be Disabled

Automatic connection recovery now can be disabled by passing the :automatically_recover => false option to Bunny#initialize).

When the recovery is disabled, network I/O-related exceptions will cause an exception to be raised in thee thread the connection was started on.

No Timeout Control For Publishing

Bunny::Exchange#publish and Bunny::Channel#basic_publish no longer perform timeout control (using the timeout module) which roughly increases throughput for flood publishing by 350%.

Apps that need delivery guarantees should use publisher confirms.

Plans for 0.9.0 Final

There is still a few things we need to do before Bunny 0.9 can be declared complete:

  • Add logging
  • Finish TLS support
  • Make network failure recovery even more flexible

Michael on behalf of the Ruby RabbitMQ Clients Team