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Bunny 2.6.0 Is Released


Bunny 2.6.0 is released to

2.6.0 is a maintenance release.

Changes between Bunny 2.5.0 and 2.6.0

Graceful Shutdown of Consumers

Consumer work pool will now allow for a grace period before stopping pool threads so that delivery processing in progress can have a chance to finish.

GitHub issue: #437

Contributed by Stefan Sedich.

Bunny::Channel#wait_for_confirms Now Throws When Used on a Closed Channel

GitHub issue: #428

Contributed by Dimitar Dimitrov.

Race Condition Eliminated in Bunny::Channel#wait_for_confirms

GitHub issue: #424

Contributed by Dimitar Dimitrov.

More Defensive Consumer Work Pool

Bunny::ConsumerWorkPool#join and Bunny::ConsumerWorkPool#pause no longer fails with a NoMethodError on nil when executed on a work pool that doesn’t have active threads (consumers).

This change is largely cosmetic and won’t affect the majority of of projects in any way.

Full Change Log

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

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Michael maintains Bunny and several other RabbitMQ client libraries.