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Bunny 2.5.0 Is Released


Bunny 2.5.0 is released to

2.5.0 is a maintenance release.

Changes between Bunny 2.4.0 and 2.5.0

Exchange Bindings are Now Correctly Recovered

GitHub issue: #410

Contributed by Andrew Bruce.

Bunny::Channel#wait_for_confirms Awaits While There’re Outstanding Unconfirmed Messages

GitHub issue: #424

Contributed by Dimitar Dimitrov.

Queue Recovery Respects the :no_declare Option

Queue recovery now respects the :no_declare option.

Bunny::Channel#wait_for_confirms Throws Early

Bunny::Channel#wait_for_confirms now throws an exception early when invoked on a closed channel.

GitHub issue: #428.

Contributed by Dimitar Dimitrov.

Full Change Log

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

About the Author

Michael maintains Bunny and several other RabbitMQ client libraries.