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Hutch 0.19.0 Is Released


Hutch 0.19.0 is released to

This is a minor feature release.

Changes Between 0.18.0 and 0.19.0

Pluggable Serialisers

Hutch now supports pluggable serialisers: see Hutch::Serializer::JSON for an example. Serialiser is configured via Hutch config as a Ruby class.

Contributed by Dmitry Galinsky.

multi_json Update

Hutch now depends on multi_json 1.11.x.

Bunny Update

Bunny is updated to 2.2.0.

More Bunny SSL Options

:mq_tls_ca_certificates and :mq_verify_peer options will now be passed on to Bunny as :tls_ca_certificates and :verify_peer respectively.

Contributed by Kennon Ballou.

Full Changelog

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

About the Author

Michael on behalf of the Hutch maintainers Team.