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March Hare 2.8.0 Is Released


March Hare 2.8.0 is released to

This is a minor feature release.

Changes Between 2.7.0 and 2.8.0

Support P12 Certificates for TLS Connections

It is now possible to use P12 certificates with the Bunny-like connection options:

  • :tls_key_cert (a file path)
  • :certificate_password (as a Ruby string)

Contributed by Simon Yu.

RabbitMQ Java Client Upgrade

RabbitMQ Java client dependency has been updated to 3.4.3.

Host List Selection Improvements

Host selection from the list is now randomised.

Contributed by Michael Ries.

Support for Consumer Callbacks with Arity < 0

Callbacks with arity < 0 now can be used delivery handlers. See Method#arity documentation for more info.

Contributed by Roman Lishtaba.

Full Change Log

Please consult the change log to learn about the changes.

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