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Hutch 0.11.0 Is Released


Hutch 0.11.0 is released to

This release introduces a minor feature.

0.11.0 — Nov 14th, 2014

Publisher Confirms Support

:force_publisher_confirms is a new configuration option that forces Hutch.publish to wait for a confirm for every message published. Note that this will cause a significant drop in throughput:

Hutch::Config.set(:force_publisher_confirms, true)

Hutch::Broker#confirm_select and Hutch::Broker#wait_for_confirms are new public API methods that delegate to their respective Bunny::Channel counterparts. Hutch::Broker#confirm_select can be used to handle confirms with a callback instead of waiting:

broker.confirm_select do |delivery_tag, multiple, nack|
  # ...

Full Changelog

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

About the Author

Michael on behalf of the Hutch maintainers Team.