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Hutch 0.10.0 Is Released


Hutch 0.10.0 is released to

This release introduces several minor new features.

0.10.0 — Oct 22, 2014

Configuration via URI

Hutch now supports a new configuration key, :uri, which allows connection configuration via a URI.

Note that since the URI has to include credentials, this option is not available on the command line.

Bunny Update

Bunny is updated to 1.5.1, which mitigates the POODLE attack by disabling SSL 3.0 where possible.

Payload in Error Handlers

Error handlers will now have access to message payload.

Contributed by Daniel Farrell.

Exceptions in Error Handlers Don’t Prevent Nacks

Exceptions in error handlers no longer prevent messages from being basic.nack-ed.

Pid File Support

:pidfile is a new configuration option that stores Hutch process PID in a file at provided path.

Contributed by Rustam Sharshenov.

More Info on Message

Bunny’s delivery_info, properties and payload are now accessible on Hutch::Message.

Contributed by gregory.

Optional Config Parameters

Hutch::Config constructor now accepts an extra hash of optional configuration parameters.

Contributed by Ignazio Mostallino.

0.9.0 — May 13, 2014

Platform-aware Signal Registration

Hutch will no longer attempt to register signal traps for signals not supported by the environment (e.g. on by certain OSes).

Contributed by Tobias Matthies.

TLS Fixes

Hutch now properly passes client TLS key and certificate to Bunny.

Contributed by Eric Nelson.

Bunny Update

Bunny is updated to 1.2.x which should offer much better latency for workloads with lots of small messages published frequently.

More Unit Testing Friendly CLI/Runner

Hutch::CLI#run now accepts a parameter and is easier to use in automated tests.

Full Changelog

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

About the Author

Michael on behalf of the Hutch maintainers Team.