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Bunny 1.6.0.rc2 Is Released


Bunny 1.6.0.rc2 is released to

1.6 is a minor feature release that makes the library use TLS 1.0 or later when possible.

Changes between Bunny 1.5.0 and 1.6.0-rc2

TLSv1 by Default

TLS connections now prefer TLSv1 (or later, if available) due to the recently discovered POODLE attack on SSLv3.

Contributed by Michael Klishin (Pivotal) and Justin Powers (

GH issues:

Socket Read and Write Timeout Improvements

Bunny now sets a read timeout on the sockets it opens, and uses timeouts as the most reliable option available on Ruby 1.9 and later.

GH issue: #254.

Contributed by Andre Foeken (Nedap).

Inline TLS Certificates Support

TLS certificate options now accept inline certificates as well as file paths.

GH issues: #255, #256.

Contributed by Will Barrett (Sqwiggle).

Full Change Log

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

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