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Bunny 1.3.0 Is Released


Bunny 1.3.0 is released to

This is a minor feature and bug fix release.

Changes between Bunny 1.3.0 and 1.2.0

TLS Can Be Explicitly Disabled

TLS now can be explicitly disabled even when connecting (without TLS) to the default RabbitMQ TLS/amqps port (5671):

conn = => 5671, :tls => false)

Contributed by Muhan Zou.

Single Threaded Connections Raise Shutdown Exceptions

Single threaded Bunny connections will now raise exceptions that occur during shutdown as is (instead of trying to shut down I/O loop which only threaded ones have).

Contributed by Carl Hörberg.

Synchronization Improvements for Session#close

Bunny::Session#close now better synchronizes state transitions, eliminating a few race condition scenarios with I/O reader thread.

Bunny::Exchange.default Fix

Bunny::Exchange.default no longer raises an exception.

Note that it is a legacy compatibility method. Please use Bunny::Channel#default_exchange instead.

Contributed by Justin Litchfield.

GH issue #211.

Bunny::Queue#pop_as_hash Removed

Bunny::Queue#pop_as_hash, which was added to ease migration to Bunny 0.9, was removed.

Bunny::Queue#pop Wraps Metadata

Bunny::Queue#pop now wraps basic.get-ok and message properties into Bunny::GetResponse and Bunny::MessageProperties, just like basic.consume deliveries.

GH issue: #212.

Better Synchronization for Publisher Confirms

Publisher confirms implementation now synchronizes unconfirmed set better.

Contributed by Nicolas Viennot.

Channel Allocation After Recovery

Channel id allocator is no longer reset after recovery if there are channels open. Makes it possible to open channels on a recovered connection (in addition to the channels it already had).

Full Change Log

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

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