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March Hare 2.2.0 Is Released


March Hare 2.2.0 is released to

This is a bug fix release.

Changes Between 2.1.x and 2.2.0

IOExceptions Conversion Fix

Causeless IOExceptions and SocketExceptions thrown by the Java client are correctly converted to IOError in Ruby land.

Client-side Flow Control Removed

MarchHare::Channel#channel_flow is removed. Client-side flow control has been deprecated for some time and is now removed in the Java client.

Confirm Hooks Recovery

Confirm hooks (callbacks) are now recovered automatically.

Contributed by Noah Magram.

RabbitMQ Java Client Upgrade

RabbitMQ Java client dependency has been updated to 3.3.x.

Internal Exchanges

Exchanges now can be declared as internal:

ch = conn.create_channel
x  = ch.fanout("marchhare.tests.exchanges.internal", :internal => true)

Internal exchanges cannot be published to by clients and are solely used for Exchange-to-Exchange bindings and various plugins but apps may still need to bind them. Now it is possible to do so with March Hare.

Custom Executor Shutdown

MarchHare::Session#close now will always shut down the custom executor service it was using, if any.

Ruby 1.8 Support Dropped

March Hare no longer officially supports Ruby 1.8.

Full Change Log

Please consult the change log to learn about the changes.

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