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Bunny 1.0.5 Is Released


Bunny 1.0.5 is released to

This is a bug fix release. We encourage all Bunny users to upgrade to it.

Changes between Bunny 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

Single Threaded Mode Fixes

Single threaded mode no longer fails with

undefined method `event_loop'

connection.tune.channel_max No Longer Overflows

connection.tune.channel_max could previously be configured to values greater than 216 - 1 (65535). This would result in a silent overflow during serialization. The issue was harmless in practice but is still a bug that can be quite confusing.

Bunny now caps max number of channels to 65535. This allows it to be forward compatible with future RabbitMQ versions that may allow limiting total # of open channels via server configuration.

Thread Leaks Fixes

Bunny will now correctly release heartbeat sender when allocating a new one (usually happens only when connection recovers from a network failure).

amq-protocol Update

Minimum amq-protocol version is now 1.9.0 which includes bug fixes and performance improvements for channel ID allocator.

Full change log can be found on GitHub.

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