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HotBunnies 2.0.0.pre12 Is Released


HotBunnies 2.0.0.pre12 is released to

This release is a development milestone. 2.0 focuses on usability and introduces a couple of major API improvements and features.

2.0 should be production ready from the stability perspective but has breaking API changes. Please consult the change log below before considering upgrading.

Changes Between 2.0.0.pre11 and 2.0.0.pre12

Make HotBunnies::Queue#subscribe Respect All Options

Make HotBunnies::Queue#subscribe respect all options it used to accept before pre11 again.

exchange.unbind Support

HotBunnies::Exchange#unbind is now provided to compliment HotBunnies::Exchange#bind.

Safe[r] basic.ack, basic.nack and basic.reject implementation

Previously if a channel was recovered (reopened) by automatic connection recovery before a message was acknowledged or rejected, it would cause any operation on the channel that uses delivery tags to fail and cause the channel to be closed.

To avoid this issue, every channel keeps a counter of how many times it has been reopened and marks delivery tags with them. Using a stale tag to ack or reject a message will produce no method sent to RabbitMQ. Note that unacknowledged messages will be requeued by RabbitMQ when connection goes down anyway.

This involves an API change: HotBunnies::Headers#delivery_tag is now and instance of a class that responds to #to_i and is accepted by HotBunnies::Channel#ack and related methods.

Integers are still accepted by the same methods.

Plans for 2.0.0 Final

There is still a few things we need to do before HotBunnies 2.0 can be declared complete:

  • Further test automatic network failure recovery
  • Make TLS support more configurable, ideally with the same API as Bunny 0.10
  • Add logging
  • Review API reference documentation

Michael on behalf of the Ruby RabbitMQ Clients Team