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Bunny 0.9.0.pre13 Is Released


Bunny 0.9.0.pre13 is released to

This release fixes a regression that affected consumers and a few minor usability improvements for “one-off” consumers that cancel themselves.

Changes between Bunny 0.9.0.pre12 and 0.9.0.pre13

Channels Without Consumers Now Tear Down Consumer Pools

Channels without consumers left (when all consumers were cancelled) will now tear down their consumer work thread pools, thus making HotBunnies::Queue#subscribe(:block => true) calls unblock.

This is typically the desired behavior.

Consumer and Channel Available In Delivery Handlers

Delivery handlers registered via Bunny::Queue#subscribe now will have access to the consumer and channel they are associated with via the delivery_info argument:

q.subscribe do |delivery_info, properties, payload|
  delivery_info.consumer # => the consumer this delivery is for
  delivery_info.consumer # => the channel this delivery is on

This allows using Bunny::Queue#subscribe for one-off consumers much easier, including when used with the :block option.


Bunny::Exchange#wait_for_confirms is a convenience method on Bunny::Exchange that delegates to the method with the same name on exchange’s channel.

Plans for 0.9.0 Final

There is still a few things we need to do before Bunny 0.9 can be declared complete:

  • Fix any remaining important issues we get reports for
  • Finish TLS support

Michael on behalf of the Ruby RabbitMQ Clients Team