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Bunny 0.9.0.pre11 Is Released


Bunny 0.9.0.pre11 is released to

This release includes minor new features, stability and performance improvements. It is backwards compatible.

Changes between Bunny 0.9.0.pre10 and 0.9.0.pre11

Bunny::Session#create_channel Now Accepts Consumer Work Pool Size

Bunny::Session#create_channel now accepts consumer work pool size as the second argument:

# nil means channel id will be allocated by Bunny.
# 8 is the number of threads in the consumer work pool this channel will use.
ch = conn.create_channel(nil, 8)

Heartbeat Fix For Long Running Consumers

Long running consumers that don’t send any data will no longer suffer from connections closed by RabbitMQ because of skipped heartbeats.

Activity tracking now takes sent frames into account.

Time-bound continuations

If a network loop exception causes “main” session thread to never receive a response, methods such as Bunny::Channel#queue will simply time out and raise Timeout::Error now, which can be handled.

It will not start automatic recovery for two reasons:

  • It will be started in the network activity loop anyway
  • It may do more damage than good

Kicking off network recovery manually is a matter of calling Bunny::Session#handle_network_failure.

The main benefit of this implementation is that it will never block the main app/session thread forever, and it is really efficient on JRuby thanks to a j.u.c. blocking queue.

Fixes #112.

Logging Support

Every Bunny connection now has a logger. By default, Bunny will use STDOUT as logging device. This is configurable using the :log_file option:

require "bunny"

conn = => :warn)

or the BUNNY_LOG_LEVEL environment variable that can take one of the following values:

  • debug (very verbose)
  • info
  • warn
  • error
  • fatal (least verbose)

Severity is set to warn by default. To disable logging completely, set the level to fatal.

To redirect logging to a file or any other object that can act as an I/O entity, pass it to the :log_file option.

Publishing Performance Improvements

Publishing throughput has been improved by about 10% for messages smaller than 128K. The gains are more substantial on JRuby: improved implementation is easier for JVM to inline.

Plans for 0.9.0 Final

There is still a few things we need to do before Bunny 0.9 can be declared complete:

  • Fix any remaining important issues we get reports for
  • Finish TLS support

Michael on behalf of the Ruby RabbitMQ Clients Team